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Censio — A non traditional brand in a traditional industry.

Branding / Strategy / Digital design

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Censio is an independent full service transfer pricing advisory working with consultancy as well as interim in-house solutions across the Nordics. Their aim is to simplify their clients day to day by being pragmatic whilst curious and always work in the forefront of their industry.

Transfer pricing is a traditional industry in change and one of the challenges was to create a brand that stood out as being innovative without loosing touch with more conservative clients. The solution was therefore based on having one foot in the traditional while moving in to the modern.

To start from the traditional and make it into something new and innovative. The logo is communicating stability, tradition and elegance with a modern touch. Together with the colour palette, typography and imagery we achieved a modern, innovative and elegant brand that can easily navigate through the world of tax. It’s energetic yet calm, modern yet traditional, domestic yet international. And always with a little twist.

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