Fading Stories AR-app and poster

Fading Stories — Extremism is once again spreading in Europe. The voices of the survivors of the Holocaust are about to go out of time, and with that, we run the risk that the memories will fade.

Branding / Digital design / App development / AR


Fading stories exhibition

Fading Stories – pass them on was an exhibition at Fotografiska in Stockholm that portrayed 23 survivors of the Holocaust. Commissioned by Raoul Wallenberg Academy and with pictures and interviews of 23 survivors – photographed and documented by photographer Sanna Sjöswärd (who also initiated the idea).​​​​​​​

There were no photographs in the physical space, instead the visitors experienced the exhibition through typographic posters and an AR-app.

Fading stories app and posters

Technically, the typographical setup of the posters works as a QR code which enables the visitor to use their phone camera to unlock each portrait and view them in the frames. After a portrait is unlocked, the user can access the full story, the survivors voice and portrait at any time. Black, white and simplicity characterizes the exhibition, directing attention to the stories and portraits. The main typeface has a strong visual connection to the Hebrew alphabet and together with a modern supporting font it creates a bond between history and future.

Closeup typography

The poster framework is based on quotes from the survivors. The aesthetics are inspired by censured documents and shows how easily stories can be fragmented and corrupted. It demands the viewers attention and urges the importance of seeing the full story, to see through “alternative facts”.